Can your Staff Save you from a Brutal Google Review?

Not too long ago my husband and I attended a veterinary business conference at a well-known resort North of where we live.  I was excited about going as I had stayed at this resort before and looked forward to attending and enjoying the amenities of the hotel. We even booked an extra day to relax there. Upon arrival, it was clear that the building was getting tired.  Little things that once were standout features were let go, plants wilting, running fountain (no water) and chunks of the walkway in disrepair.

“Ok”, I said, “stuff happens, be positive.”  Our check-in was super smooth and the clerk very pleasant. 

Off we go to our room, the hallway carpets were dark and worn, our room well….it wasn’t tired, it was exhausted!!

The wallpaper I am certain was original, the carpet stained, the television was straight out of the 1970s, as was the retro furniture complete with gauges and the bed….you could see the angle it was on. Now I was doing the math, $325.00 a night for this?? There is not enough wine in the world!  The hotel is sold out, conference and weddings, these were our digs for 3 days.  To say I was disappointed was an understatement and I was already mentally composing my review for Trip Advisor or Google.

I could not change my situation or the repair of the hotel, I did, however, get to change my attitude about it all.

What we experienced outside of our room was nothing short of 4- star treatment.  The service we received from the front desk to the wait staff and every person we encountered was exceptional.  It was such a dichotomy, excellent detailed service and tired worn out facilities. Every time I returned to my room I became less and less upset.

During an absolutely fabulous dinner, we spoke with our waiter, who has been working there for 16 years.  He explained that the hotel had been sold and renovations were happening slowly but, he made a point of telling us that almost all of the staff remained.  They were committed to the ownership and the level of service they provided.  When we checked out, I had changed my overall perception of the hotel.  All of that accomplished by the people, the staff, the heart of the business. Yes, I had a crook in my back, but a smile on my face. 

The moral: whether you can have brand new facilities or humble surroundings it is our staff and service that makes our clients feel good about the money they spend and the reviews they give.


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