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Hire the Smile 16: Redefining Burnout

In today’s episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline discuss burnout and reference the below podcast episode and article.

Why Burnout Happens — and How Bosses Can Help

Christina Maslach has been studying the causes of burnout, and its impact, for decades. She says that, in a year when everyone feels overwhelmed and exhausted, it’s more important than ever for managers to recognize when and why employees are suffering and take steps to solve those problems. In her framework, burnout stems from not only large workloads but also lack of control, community, and/or reward and values mismatches. She notes that leaders have the ability to pull many of those levers to help their workers. Maslach is the author of  The Truth About Burnout and a forthcoming book on the topic.

Do You Know Burnout When You See It?

This article from the Harvard Business Review talks about understanding the subtle warning signs of burnout, taking steps to mitigate it before it’s too late,  getting creative about how to relieve some of the pressure on burned-out employees, and work collaboratively with them to understand what they need.

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