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Hire the Smile 18: A Practical Solution for Veterinary Burnout with Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov

In today’s episode, Dr. Mike Pownall and Katie Ardeline are joined by Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov to discuss further research on why the veterinary profession experiences severe burnout and how corporate groups buying veterinary practices can do great things for the profession.

Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov is a veterinarian and an entrepreneur committed to creating products that empower the healthcare team to live their passion. It was Ivan’s own personal journey from practicing veterinary medicine for 12 years and experiencing severe burnout that led him to explore the psychological triggers of burnout and business methodologies that veterinary organizations can apply to eliminate them. Researching this topic, Ivan obtained an MBA degree in International Healthcare Management and wrote a dissertation “Implementation of lean thinking to improve the employee experience.” Today Ivan is leading VIS, a technology company helping veterinary groups adopt a management methodology that combats burnout while accelerating business performance.

Here is a link to Ivan’s burnout study:

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