Joop Loomans graduated at the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University the Netherlands in 1988. The first thirteen years of his career he was an associate and later partner in an eight vet mixed practice in the east of the Netherlands. His main field of interest was equine and large animal practice with a special focus on management. In 2001 Joop was asked to join the Department of Equine Sciences at Utrecht University to lead and grow the Equine Ambulatory Clinic. Another mission was to perform scientific research on the social and economic situation of equine veterinarians, including market research in the field of (semi) professional horse owners. This resulted in many submitted scientific articles in international peer reviewed veterinary journals, lectures all around the world and a doctoral thesis entitled: “The equine veterinarian: past present and prospects of a profession”. With Bob Magnus, Joop initiated and organized “Equine Business Management Strategies International” in Europe. Bringing together equine veterinarians from different parts of the world and discussing subjects with well-known international experts from other industries does not only increase the awareness, but also provide practical business solutions for all attendants. In 2010 Joop was asked by the management of the Department of Equine Sciences, Utrecht University to perform a fact finding mission at Heilan International Equestrian Club in China. This resulted in a long time relationship. Joop is designer and Chief Veterinarian of the newly build first western equine clinic in mainland China and team veterinarian for the Jiangsu province eventing, show-jumping and dressage teams. Furthermore Joop is founder and director of Loomans International Veterinary Expertise, a networking and consultancy firm for the equestrian industry. He is advising horse related industries from all over the world on entering the Chinese market. Together with Bob Magnus and Chuck Johnson, Joop started the Oculus Insights Group, a global company providing business resources, novel tools, education and market research for healthcare professionals.