I presented on social media in veterinary medicine at the AAEP Annual Convention in Baltimore this past week. It is my belief that the use of social media is an excellent tool for veterinary practices to deal with many of the challenges they face as well as solidify the loyalty clients have to your practice. Attached is the link to the presentation where I explain the pros and cons of social media in veterinary medicine. I look forward to any comments anyone might have. I have also added a copy of the social media/computer use policy used by our practice along with the disclaimer we get clients to sign if we take photos or videos of their horses. Please feel free to use or edit to suit your needs.


Internet and Computer usage policy.doc (29.50 kb)

Website_authorization.pdf (81.11 kb)


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  1. Great presentation Mike!
    Very informative and well presented.

  2. Thanks Dave,

    I was hoping that people would find value in it. Do you have a Facebook page for your practice?

  3. We started one a couple of months ago and have been very happy with the response.
    Now, since I have returned from the convention, I have been going around asking everyone if they Twitter- that’s my next goal.

  4. Dave,

    Can you send me the link to your facebook page. I tried to do a search and could not find it.


  5. Social media sites now have several benefits when it comes in business. They use some social media sites in order to get more customers and promote their products online.

  6. Hello Mike !

    one more great job for ou information !
    thanks !

    ps : what is the object on slide 47 ?

  7. ok I’ve just fin it on looxcie !


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