Fifty mile an hour winds, single digit temperatures and a winter snow blast forecast of 14-24 inches pending, that’s today, that’s now – Imminent Storm.  You prepare, develop a plan, implement your strategy and then wait out the storm hoping the shingles don’t get ripped off the stable, the horses in the lean too are safe and the vets in your practice don’t have to venture out on a night like this.

Sounds a little like the economic crisis and our feelings toward the end of the year 2008.  We were informed about the crisis (storm), many specialists gave their projections (weather person) and then it hit…and still uncertainty and consequences no one can accurately forecast.

Life is kind of funny – it makes no difference whether you’re talking about challenges in business or life’s simple moments of a large weather front traversing the country…we assess, sometimes prepare, and then deal with the results or effects of the storm.

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work, but I remember something important that my partner told me several years ago…”learn from the experience, and don’t make the same mistake again if you can prevent it.”   True words of wisdom and part of the culture we try to embrace in our equine practice.  It may not sound too profound, but think about the consequences of learning and improving all the time, every day, using every experience as our teacher.  This is a recipe for success

Bob Magnus

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