Last week I used a Bob Seger concert as a metaphor to discuss why most veterinarians don’t retire as soon as younger vets would like them to. Of course there comes a time when a veterinarian must retire. Some just hang up their stethoscope if they are not self employed  and those that own their own practice eventually will try to sell their business. This is where it can get ugly since most retiring veterinarians tend to overvalue their business. This week on the Equine Vet Business Podcast #4 I speak with Kirk Eddleman, the CEO of Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery in Weatherford, Texas on this subject. Kirk also consults for numerous equine veterinary practices and is finding that more and more retiring vets are facing a reverse sticker shock. Click here to go directly to the podcast or you can go to iTunes and subscribe to the Equine Vet Business podcast.

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Veterinary Business Matters
Veterinary Business Matters
But Some Veterinarians Do Retire
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