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Challenges for the New Vet – Equine Vet Business Podcast #10

The overabundance of vets graduating into the work force has been a theme of recent blogs and podcasts. I was going to post my discussion on the subject with Dr. Katie Garrett, of Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, at the beginning of the school year, but thought I should wait a couple of weeks so as not to depress excited students. I’m a realist, but I’m not mean. In this podcast Katie and I discuss the new vet colleges opening up in the USA and the impact they will have on the future vet job market. It is not all doom and gloom because Katie has some excellent insight into what new grads can do to make themselves more employable. As someone who gets to work with a lot of student externs and interns, Katie has a unique perspective on the dilemma.

On  a side note one of our employees, Marissa Markey, just started vet school. One her jobs with us was to edit and post my podcasts. She had the joy of editing and posting my podcasts, which meant she heard all of those  discussing the challenges facing new vet school grads. She has no worry about her future. She has the people skills and enthusiasm any vet practice would want. We have first dibs on her though.

You can access the Equine Vet Podcast #10 here. Please leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page. You can also download it from iTunes. Just click on the iTunes icon on the right side of this page.

Veterinary Business Matters
Veterinary Business Matters
Challenges for the New Vet - Equine Vet Business Podcast #10

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