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Twitter, Facebook and the Equine Vet – Equine Vet Business Podcast #11

The recent AAEP convention saw an explosion of vets using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. From where I stand, it was encouraging to see so many new people embrace social media. During all of the online action I was tweeting with Fran Jurga, the editor of of the Hoofcare Blog. Fran has been a great supporter of the equine vet industry as the preeminent journalist covering all things related to the equine hoof. She is also a big fan of social media and can be found on numerous platforms. After the recent convention Fran and I had an in depth chat about how she saw vets using social media, the pitfalls they encountered and how using social media can help them communicate with their clients.

One of the things Fran was able to do was use a platform called Storify to create a running summary of all things related to the AAEP convention as found on the various social media platforms. Check out this link to see what Fran created. If you want to follow Fran on Twitter she can be found at @hoofcarejournal or @franjurga. Her blog can be found here.

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