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Generational Issues Between Veterinarians and Clients: Equine Vet Business Podcast #12

I had the pleasure of facilitating a table topic discussion on generational issues at the 2011 AAEP Annual Convention. Unfortunately, there is only 2 hours to try to cover every issue that attendees bring up so sometimes good subjects go unaddressed. One such topic was raised by Dr. Mark Roozen. He wanted to discuss how younger vets are dealing with older clients and conversely, how older vets are dealing with younger clients. We spend so much time discussing generational issues between vets and staff and yet we rarely discuss intergenerational issues between vets and clients. We didn’t have time to discuss this during the table topic so I asked Mark if we could record a podcast together on that subject. Mark has some other insights on veterinary business management as well, so this podcast covers a wide range of topics.

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