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The Fate of the New Vet Grad – Veterinary Business Matters Podcast

In this 1st episode of a 2 part series we talk to Kristen Britton, fourth year veterinary student and Dr. Scott Spaulding, DVM, CEO of the Badger Veterinary Hospital about challenges facing veterinary students seeking employment and practices hiring new associates. Kristen is the past president of the Veterinary Business Management Association, a vet student driven organization that works to educate veterinary business students on the business of veterinary medicine. Her involvement with the VBMA gives her a unique insight into the challenges facing the soon to be veterinarians graduating this spring in North America. Dr. Spaulding has been a guest on this podcast last year. I always learn something new to bring back to my practice whenever Scott and I chat.

I recorded this episode earlier this year and recorded the 2nd part on the subject of mentoring recently so I thought I would release them close together. In the next couple of weeks we will talk about the sometimes thorny subject of mentoring the recently graduated veterinarian. The sound quality is not the best in the first couple of minutes in this episode but it improves soon so please be patient.

Enjoy the discussion

Veterinary Business Matters
Veterinary Business Matters
The Fate of the New Vet Grad - Veterinary Business Matters Podcast

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