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Why Online Transparency is Good and Yelp Should Be Hated: The Veterinary Business Matters Podcast with Mike Falconer

As I write this on Canadian Thanksgiving I am thankful for all of the amazing people I have been able to meet and chat with to make these podcasts. Everyone has helped make me a better business person and manager of my own veterinary businesses.

One of these people is Mike Falconer. I have been following Mike on Twitter, and on his blog for a few years now and I have enjoyed his take on the veterinary industry and business in general. We have communicated a couple of times through Twitter, or blog comments but that is it. Recently, Mike posted a blog on Yelp that made me nod my head. A week or so later he posted a blog on the website for the practice he manages where he shared the details of their customer surveys. That transparency floored me. I knew I had to get Mike on the podcast real soon.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. Mike is a thoughtful observer of our industry and puts words into action, which is easier said then done.

Here’s how you can reach Mike.

Blog: mikefalconer.net

Twitter: twitter.com/mike_falconer



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