Lessons Learned from EBMS 2015 Part 2

Here is the second part of our two part podcast series on “Lessons Learned at the EBMS” seminar from September, 2015. In this episode I chat with Dr. Monty McInturff of the Tennesse Equine Hospital about his presentation of the “Power of  We”. Dr. McInturff has a dedicated focus on teamwork and it is the basis of everything he does when managing his business. Next we meet Whitney Hischier, of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Whitney, did an excellent presentation of business strategy and how any business can use simple tools to re-imagine the opportunities in the business. Most of the veterinarians came out of this session with a better idea of how they can flip their business upside down and discover  growth. Finally, Dr. Jessica Trichel, of Live Oak Bank, spent a morning discussing the role of banks in business development. In this podcast Jessica spends some time explaining how veterinary businesses can work with banks to finance their growth opportunities.

As I listen back to my conversations with the speakers from the EBMS I have struck again about the quality of business education that is now available to veterinarians. I am writing this while I wait for my flight to the EBMS Paris meeting so expect more great discussions on veterinary business education in the very near future.

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