I created McKee-Pownall Equine Services with my wife, Dr. Melissa McKee, in 2002. Since then we have grown to include 4 equine hospitals. Even as a veterinary student I have had a strong interest in the business side of veterinary practice. I realized that having a strong business foundation in a hospital or clinic will give the framework to hire the best vets and staff and provide the best medical care. You can’t do that if the veterinary owner hates the business side of things or if the veterinary hospital is struggling to pay its bills because of poor financial management.

In 2011 we started Digital Pulse Consulting to help other veterinarians and their staff to improve their business. I love the veterinary profession and if I can support it by helping veterinarians run their businesses better so they aren’t worrying about big box stores selling dog food, or lay practitioners performing medical services then I am happy.

I have just recently completed my Executive MBA at one of Canada’s top business schools. I have embarked on this educational journey to further my knowledge so I can provide even more business skills to our clients.

We are always looking to help others in the veterinary profession so let me know how we can help.

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