Veterinary Business & Equine Dentistry with Dr. Shannon Lee

I was presenting on veterinary business and pricing models at the Equine Business Management Strategies EU meeting in Paris in November, 2015. During that meeting I had the pleasure of meeting  Dr. Shannon Lee, an equine veterinary dentist, from Australia. Actually, I had met Shannon before because he has a very active social media presence so I felt like I already knew him before we met.

Shannon specializes in equine dentistry as a veterinarian, but also as an educator and consultant. He travels the world working with veterinarians and horses spreading the world of excellence in veterinary dentistry.

During the Paris meeting Shannon made so many brilliant comments during my presentation that I thought I need to talk to him on this podcast. We talk a lot about business in general, as well as the efforts he leads in promoting equine veterinary dentistry across the globe. You can read more about Shannon at his website

During the podcast you will here what sounds like insects in the background. After we finished chatting and I was done recording I asked him what the noise was. He told me he recorded the interview while sitting in his backyard watching the sun go down. And yes those were evening insects. It sounded idyllic where he was.

You can find out more about the Equine Business Management Strategies 2016 Programs here.

Enjoy and please drop a line in the comment section.

Veterinary Business & Equine Dentistry with Dr. Shannon Lee

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