I have been following Dr. Geoff Tucker for awhile now on Twitter and have found his attention to marketing fascinating. I don’t think Geoff would mind me writing this, but his attitude is not one that your average vet shares. Instead, he markets himself as a brand called The Equine Practice. Dr. Tucker has a book, articles, a constantly updated BarnPics photo gallery and he has the time to practice as an equine veterinary dentist 6 days a week.

My interest really peaked in what Dr. Tucker is doing by an article he wrote for The Equine Veterinarian Magazine on marketing for veterinarians. I was blown away by his positive attitude and the real world tools that he is using to grow his business. I knew I had to talk with him.

I hope this is the first of several podcasts with Dr. Tucker because he is a pro-active and optimistic go getter that any vet can learn from. After I got off the call with him I right away looked up some of what he is doing and am looking forward to incorporating some of what I learned into how we market our equine and companion animal hospitals.

You can find Dr. Tucker at www.theequinepractice.com. From there you can find links to his Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles.

Geoff Tucker, DVM

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