On Monday morning at the 2009 AAEP Convention I was part of a panel that presented the year in review for 2009. The focus was on business, technology, lifestyle and student issues. Veterinarians are compulsive note takers so in case anyone missed some information I am presenting links to many of the subjects we covered.

Use the comment boxes to add any resources that we may have missed.

Online Tools
Please feel free to suggest other online tools we may have missed.

  • review website
  • project management tool
  • Tool to allow many people to share a computer to work on projects or presentations online.
  • Not only a way to instant message but you can send large files, make cheap phone calls and video conference.
  • Clients and patients can be imported to this program allowing you a visual tool to manage a client base.
Recommended Books of 2009
Please offer suggestions on any books we may have missed.
What Would Google Do?
Jeff Jarvis
Gary Vaynerchuck
Malcolm Gladwell
Recommended Journals

The Economist
World view of the economy
Business Week
Concise summaries of the US business week
Monthly magazine that focuses on entrepeneurs
Fast Company
Small business magazine with a focus on technology and design.

VMG Organization
Annual executive level business management courses aimed at the equine profession
2010 European veterinary conference that will have an equine education component
  1. Great AAEP session, and this blog is also going to be useful. Know that you will have many readers/followers even though the Comments section may seem empty. It's our nature as 'Lone Rangers'.

  2. I would like to add one more valuable resource to Mike's list, and that is VetPartners. This a group of veterinary specific consultants who can assist you in practice. Their are veterinary specific CPA's, attorneys, lenders, practice management consultants, and practice valuators. Go to http://www.VetPartners.org and look a their directory for contact information on members.

  3. Another online great tool is Dropbox.com, that synchronizes your ps, let you retrieve your files from any pc connected to the web and more useful things. You can share a folder with many persons as you want, and the folder will be keeped synchronized. Try it! It's a great resource!

  4. Hi Corrado Columbo,

    Thanks for the tip. I downloaded it and am going to play with it for a while. I will make mention of it in an upcoming blog.


  5. Hopefully they know what is better to do. People ar eoften too in rush when deciding things.

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