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Equine Vet Business Podcast #5: Pricing Strategies and Practice Valuations

In the Equine Vet Business Podcast #5 we chat with Dr. Jim Guenther on pricing strategies and practice valuations. Jim was an equine vet in a former life before he became a MBA and is currently a practice consultant based in North Carolina.
We talked with Jim in advance of the AAEP 2011 Focus/Business Education meeting in Indianapolis, July 24-26., where he will be giving two presentations.  A new slant this year will be Jim’s presentation on pricing strategies for colic with is the theme of the Focus meeting. It is one thing to learn about new diagnostics and therapies for colics but how much should you charge for them. Jim, will also give us a sneak preview of his talk on valuing veterinary practices. True to the theme of this years Business Education Program, “Transitions”, many practice owners are of the age when retirement is looming. How can they maximize the value of their practice so that they can reap all of the rewards they deserve, after a long career in vet medicine.

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As always, we welcome your comments or questions. If you would like to contact Dr. Guenther you can email him at


Veterinary Business Matters
Veterinary Business Matters
Equine Vet Business Podcast #5: Pricing Strategies and Practice Valuations

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