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Equine Vet Business Practice Tip #1. Vet/Farrier Clinic Days

Every month we host a veterinary-farrier day at one of our clinics. We arrange to perform a diagnostic work up on a horse or two with a hoof issue. Afterwards we discuss our diagnosis with the farriers and develop a shoeing plan. We don’t charge for the lameness work up and neither do the farriers for any of their shoeing. Over the past few years these have turned into “must attend” events. Typically, 20-30 farriers participate. It is a great opportunity for us to help break down the typical vet-farrier walls. As a result, they are comfortable working with our vets on foot cases because they know there is mutual respect. In turn they are willing to recommend our services to their clients who do not use us as their veterinarians. It is a win-win for everyone.

I taped a short video of our most recent vet-farrier clinic day. Follow this link to our YouTube page to see the video. 

Does anyone else host farrier clinics? If so could you please share your thoughts on how they impact your clinic.

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