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How To Make Your Facebook Page Popular

In this post we will discuss measuring the success of your veterinary practice’s Facebook Page. How can you tell if you are doing a good job or not?

We have many posts that get up to 1200 impressions, but yet we only have 600 some fans.  How do you interpret this?  Are people clicking on the posting multiple times? 

Post impressions can be seen only by Page administrators. They are a count of how many times individual posts have been seen throughout Facebook (on your wall or on other people’s own walls). It gives you a much better picture of the real impact of each individual post. Now you can compare impressions with the number of interactions each post gets. “Impressions” are the number of times a post is viewed, anywhere on Facebook. As a result, your impressions are usually higher than the number of likes (fans). There is no way to convert the data into real people since one post can be seen twice per person, whereas another may be seen five times per person. The feedback exclusively measures the number of likes and comments a post receives. It does not measure clicks, video plays, or similar.

Where do I look to see the statistics on our Facebook Page?

Page administrators have access to a Facebook service called Facebook Insights. The link to it can be found on the upper right had side of the Page under the picture of the Page administrators.

There are a lot of insights. Which are the important ones for a veterinary practice?

There are three sections of Facebook Insights; Page Overview, Users and Interactions. Let’s go over each one in more detail.

Page Overview

 This section gives you a brief overview of the other two sections over a period of time. I prefer to examine things each month. Facebook tells you with a green arrow if you have more likes compared to the previous month as well as how many monthly active users you have compared to the previous month. Again you want to see a green arrow telling you that more people are actively viewing your Page each month. If you are getting red arrows indicating decreases perhaps your content was not as engaging this month compared to the previous month or you aren’t posting as often.  Insights will let you examine what content is interesting to your “Likes” or fans.

The next overview is of Page Interactions over the previous month compared to the month before. Again you want to see green arrows indicating growth. We look for large spikes on the graph to understand what was popular. We look at flat lines as well to see the posts that did not receive any interest. You can plan your upcoming posts based on this information.

In both the Users and Interaction sections you can drill down to get more specifics. It is a good idea to find the metrics you like and enter them on a spreadsheet so you can compare month to month.


There are a few graphs in particular that I like to track. The first two are under the User section. I measure New Likes in the daily view and demographics. I examine New Likes because I want to know what information is causing people to “Like” our Page. Demographics are helpful to get an idea if people from your practice area are Page fans.


In the Interactions section I monitor the Daily Story Feedback again to see what content drives people to comment or “like” something.  Secondly, I track Page Posts to see which of them garners the most impressions and percent feedback.

By now you can see that I am very interested in discovering the type of content that drives interactions and new likes. A large strength of social media is the ability to listen to your audience to know what they want. Facebook Insights gives you the tools to review your Page over a period of time to help you understand what your followers interact with. A successful Facebook Page will respond to this information. You will know you are developing a successful page when you see the green arrows of growth each month.

Next week we will begin discussions on Twitter. This is a social media platform that is quickly becoming more and more popular. It is particularly suited to equine vets. I will explain more next week. In the meantime if you have any question on social media please post them in the comment section below or on our Equine Vet Business Facebook Page.

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