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Equine Vet Business Podcast #4 With Dr. Mike Thomas

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Mike Thomas present at a recent conference about the pending oversupply of new veterinary school grads. Mike owns several small animal practices in the Indianapolis area but his message pertains to all veterinarians. Dr. Thomas has some very compelling evidence to support his argument that in the very near future there will be far more veterinarians than is required. AFter hearing his presentation the questions just flowed from me. Why is this happening? What will this do to the veterinary market? Will this affect the level of care we deliver? What can we do about this looming problem? At first,  I was taken aback by Mike’s presentation but soon became very concerned about his message. For anyone who is concerned about the future of the veterinary profession this podcast is essential. You can download a copy here or you can go to iTunes and search for Equine Veterinary Business to download there. 

You can out more about Dr. Mike Thomas at the web site for his veterinary practices.

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