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Veterinary Business Matters – Podcast #15 featuring “Founders Syndrome”

Kirk Eddleman, the CEO of Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery of Weatherford, Tx, is no stranger to regular listeners of this podcast. Kirk will be presenting at the upcoming AAEP Business Education Workshop, July 22-24 in Oklahoma City, where he will be presenting on “Founders Syndrome” and “The Value of a Veterinary Practice Manager”. Many vet practices encounter “founders syndrome” where the founder of the practice is still hanging on and having a hard time giving up management responsibilities and transitioning the business into the 21st century. Kirk has also helped Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery grow during the recession so we know he values how a practice manager can help a veterinary practice. In this podcast Kirk discussed “founders syndrome” and how vets and staff in a business can deal with this issue. This is a very timely topic as many older practitioners are trying to bring on junior partners and associates in all types of veterinary businesses. We all know this doesn’t go as smoothly as we would like. He also goes over the steps a vet practice should go through in deciding if they need a practice manager and how to choose one.

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