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Veterinary Business Matters – Podcast #14

Dr Betsy Charles was one of the hits at the 2011 AAEP Annual Convention Business Education  Sessions. Her all too brief presentation on communication in veterinary practices struck a chord with many. Whether it is between and older practice owner and younger new associate, or veterinarian and technician, healthy communication between all members of a veterinary practice is essential to the ongoing success of that business. Dr. Charles is uniquely qualified to present on the subject, since she is the Executive Director of the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience, an annual conference that teaches veterinarians about leadership and emotional intelligence. Due to the overwhelming popularity of her presentation at the annual convention, Dr. Charles has been invited back to give a half day workshop on communication for veterinary practices at the AAEP  Business Education Workshop, July 22-24, in Oklahoma City.

In the latest Veterinary Business Matters podcast I chat with Dr. Charles about the communication and leadership challenges in veterinary practices. We also discuss her upcoming presentation for the AAEP. Regardless of the size of your practice this podcast offers some great insights from Dr. Charles on these subjects.

Here is a link to the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Experience in Post Falls, Idaho, June 4-9.

You can find more information on the AAEP Business Education Workshop, July 22-24 in Oklahoma City.

Follow this link to the podcast  Veterinary Business Matters on iTunes 


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