It has been a tumultuous couple of weeks politically and economically, so the consistency of the business of veterinary management is comforting. From the insatiable appetite of Mars/VCA to acquire new practices, to new low cost chains, and the challenges of bullying in health care there are a handful of consistent themes we see week after week.
Let us know if you have seen something online recently that you would like to share with the Veterinary Business Matters committee.


Using the Net Promoter Score to Measure Veterinary Client Loyalty
In any business loyal clients are our favourite clients. They share many characteristics: they buy more, they are easier to work with, they pay their bills on time, and they tend to refer new clients. If we could have more loyal clients in stands to reason that we would have a growing and more profitable business. Not only do loyal clients spend more, but they refer more new clients which reduces the cost to get new clients. The problem is how do we measure the loyalty of our clients?


Easyvet Announces The 1st Walk-In Veterinary Clinic Franchise Model –

MVS Pet Care awards first mobile franchises – Today’s Veterinary Business 

The past couple of weeks have been filled with news on the veterinary corporate front. There are now so many chains offering storefront or mobile clinics that offer basic services to dogs and cats. How many will survive? Do people really want veterinary care that is similar to going for an oil change? This will be an interesting space to watch over the next couple of years.

When the Bully Is a Doctor – New York Times
“…..42 percent reported having experienced harassment and 84 percent experienced belittlement during medical school” says it all. Disturbing article on something that is prevalent in our profession.

Veterinary Group Sold By Private Equity Firm – Insider Media Limited
VCA is on the march in Europe. They have purchased two very large corporate groups with a combined total of almost 300 hospitals over the past two weeks.

America’s Veterinarian Shortage Is Bad for Animals and Humans Alike – Fortune
The shortage of vets working with production animals and health safety is not news to anyone who has graduated in recent years. 5 years ago we were worried that all of all of the new vet schools were going to saturate the market with new vets. I thought the same, but I now stand corrected.

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