Ideo redesigns the dreaded annual review – Fast Company

Odds are that if your business performs annual performance review they are not universally loved. Doing them well takes a finely crafted skill that is not available to everyone. On top of that they are very time consuming and not very helpful. This story tells about a law firm that asked a top design firm to develop a new style of annual performance review. The result is something that any size professional business can use.

How a Tiny Kansas Town Rebooted Its Struggling Hospital into a Health Care Jewel – Politico

It is a common refrain from veterinarians that they find it hard to attract vets to a rural area, or develop a practice like those they hear about in bigger cities. The struggle is real, but this article describes how a tiny hospital in rural Kansas was able to re-invent itself into a leading health care provider while attracting new and ambitious vets. There are lessons here.

How Student Debt Can Ruin Home Buying Dreams – New York Times

While buying a home is slightly different than buying into a veterinary practice, the challenges facing a young veterinarian because of student debt are huge. The scary thing is that in this article the student debt loads are nowhere near what we see with veterinary students.

What Barbershops Can Teach About Delivering Health Care – New York Times

One reason that an experiment to reduce high blood pressure in a high-risk population succeeded is that it adapted its approach to encourage trust” is a quote from this article. If compliance is based upon trust we veterinarians should have no excuse to get our clients to do what we recommend for their pets. I love lessons from other industries that apply to our day to day lives.

How GDPR Will Transform Digital Marketing – Harvard Business Review

Over the past few weeks anyone who has been on an email list has been swamped with “Opt-In” emails. This is all due to the new General Data Protection Regulations that went into place on May 25. Most email lists don’t separate people by nationality so they have had to ask everyone to opt in. These new regulations may be the template for further reaching changes in North America and other regions, especially with all of the controversy with Facebook and Google and their sharing of private user data. How we use digital marketing has changed as of May 25. This article will help you understand the upheaval and how to market digitally.

The emotional burden of the veterinary professional – Bureau Beke

The main reason why young people want to study veterinary medicine is love for animals. This has been researched over and over again, it is in the genes of our profession. Veterinarians become very involved with the well-being of their patients. In a way it is what keeps people afloat in our profession but it is also a big potential pitfall. Compassion fatigue and depression can be the result of this dedication, even more so when veterinarians are being confronted with animal abuse. Veterinarians are by definition the experts in “diagnosing” animal abuse. They have an extra sense for this but how to deal with this when you are in the same room with the patient and the owner? Furthermore animal abuse can be a predictor of aggressive and criminal behavior against humans too.

In the Netherlands, the University of Utrecht together with the national Police and the National Forensic Bureau have started the National Expertise Center for Animal Abuse, a place where veterinarians dealing with suspected cases can get professional support. This is good for the animals, the veterinarians and the people of the Netherlands. After all, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. It is also a recognition of the important role veterinarians play, not only for the benefit of animals but also for their owners and society at large.

Scientific article in English in the “Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling”, on animal abuse, February 2018

Suicide trend in the profession stretches back decades – JAVMA

Suicides by veterinarians is a troubling issue facing the profession on a global scale. This study by the AVMA goes back to 1982 to review the causes and means of suicide over the years. This challenge facing our profession is not a new one. A very sobering read.

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