Picture a heavily used dirty sponge in the cleaning closet of your clinic…..try washing it, wringing it, rinsing it only to find it never comes clean. It has collected and stored germs, hairs and dirt. Gross toxic and needs to be thrown out…..Ever find yourself feeling like that toxic sponge that has collected all the negativity, toxicity?
Over the course of my coaching conversations with Veterinarians and Practice Owners there are a few re-occurring themes that come up, one of which being the Unhappy Client.
I am certain you have been there. You have successfully diagnosed and treated an animal (after hours usually) and you are feeling really good about the pet, the outcome and hey yourself too! In fact, everything is great until you or your staff present the owner with the bill……
Suddenly you are no longer the rescue hero, you have become the uncaring, money grubbing, gouging, so called Dr. of Animals who is supposed to be compassionate and caring! You have become the bad guy, the Scapegoat of the of the owner’s guilt.
Pet owners are faced with the emotional and financial reality of paying for their pet’s care. Owners who project their shame and guilt on the Veterinarian and their Staff are spouting Toxicity.

This Toxicity is Not yours to soak up. Sounds simple to say when I haven’t been the one who has been torn down and accused of not fundamentally having compassionate for pets and people. However, it is as simple as empowering yourself not to carry the burden of those words with you. Take a moment and really think about these questions……

How does it serve you to Soak up that toxicity? What is the impact on you? Your staff?
How do you let it go when it cuts so deeply?
Remember your values
Remember why you love what you do
Own that it isn’t YOU
Let it Go.
Throw out the sponge.

You can honour your values of care and compassion and earn a Professional living.

If you recognize you are or are becoming a Toxic Sponge make the decision to talk to someone before it drains you emotionally and professionally.

“Life’ s too short to take a guilt trip!”–George Carlin

Sue Armstrong, CPCC, ACC
Executive Coach Oculus Insights


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