What does Self Awareness have to do with Leadership?

Leadership is one of my favourite coaching topics because this means clients are craving more.  Not more coaching, more impact. There are 3 core facets to Authentic Leadership and great leaders have all three: self-aware, vulnerable and accountable.

This blog will focus on self-awareness; understanding the impact of your decisions and actions on those around you.

As a self-aware leader, you understand that everyone is looking to you.  You must lead by example.  If you want your staff to be on task, you have to be on task, not walking around with a phone and a coffee in your hand.  If you want them to be prepared and on time you have to set that example and show up prepared and early.  If you don’t want them to gossip-you cannot gossip. You must be the professional you want your staff to be.

A self-aware leader knows their conscious and unconscious impact on the people around them.  How does your presence impact the mood in the room?  Do you intimidate or draw others in?  Are you happy at work?  Or do you complain about it?  Do you acknowledge the good things your staff does, or do you tend to only point out mistakes?  Your staff will reflect what they see from you.  If you are open approachable and happy your staff will feel it and reflect that on to your clients.

Self-aware leaders when dealing with staff and clients ask themselves:

  • What impact will my responses have on this person?
  • How can I communicate in a way that builds them and helps them grow?
  • Do I explain things, to staff and clients, in a way that is easy to understand?

In conflict self-aware leaders ask themselves:

  • What’s my role in this?
  • How can I create a positive outcome in the future?
  • What actions can I take, so this will not occur again?

Understanding the impact of your decisions and actions on those around you. Are you showing up as the professional you want your staff to be? Do you ask the tough questions about yourself?  If you want help learning more about self-awareness and your impact on those around you, the best place to start is with a coach.  I am always ready to listen.

Sue Armstrong


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