Facebook Part 1

Facebook is the most popular social network platform. If your practice is going to be involved with only one social media network this is the one. Over the next few weeks I will answer some of the common questions I am asked about Facebook. My hope is to give you a simple guide to how Facebook can be effectively used in a veterinary practice.

Should we start a Facebook Page or Group?

I would definitely recommend creating a Facebook Page. A group is too limiting. It does not allow for clients to post comments and it limits you to only 1000 followers. I like to dream big and hope that we will grow our Facebook fan base to more than 1000 over time. A Page, on the other hand can have any number of fans and allows people to comment and interact on the page. Keep in mind that a hallmark of social media is the ability to interact between people. Here is a link to a Facebook site that will help you create a Facebook Page. 


What is a Page administrator and who should be one on our Facebook Page?

The administrator of a Page has the power to add official content, remove comments and create or modify sections. They can also “Like” other business or personal Pages and have access to Facebook Analytics and Page impressions. We will go into these in the near future. There can be more than one administrator. I would suggest that there should be at least two administrators so that Page adjustments and new posts are not the responsibility of only one person. What would happen if the administrator took a day off when an official post needed to go up or if you needed to reply to a comment?

What should we post on our Page? 

We have found that case discussions, horse health information, contests and anything with pictures attracts a lot of attention. We will also post announcements about client education seminars, weather watches, vet news, etc. One of things I strongly recommend is allowing some fun to leak onto your Page. Typically, veterinarians tend to be very serious in our communications with our clients. There is nothing wrong about posting an amusing news story or a funny picture of something that has happened to one of your vets or staff. Allow your fans to know the human side of your practice.

What is a landing page?

When people click on a link to our Facebook Page it should take them to a Welcome or Info section. This page should give the basic information about the practice. All of your services, hours and contact information should be here. Here is a link to our Welcome section to give you an idea of what information we supply. http://www.facebook.com/pages/McKee-Pownall-Equine-Services/151058779310?sk=app_6009294086

Do you have any questions about Facebook? Please post them in the comment section below. Next week I will discuss fan comments and what to do if you get a negative one,. I will also deal show you how to be notified about a new comment and I will answer any questions you might have.

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  1. Advantages of Social Media

    • Democratization of media.
    • Relationships and conversation.
    • Creativity and re-mix culture.
    • Embrace your passion and identity.
    • Community, sharing, and connecting.
    • Increase transparency in government and organizations.

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