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Equine Vet Business Podcast #7: AAEP Business Education

This is the final podcast related to the upcoming AAEP Business Education Meeting, July 24-26 2011, in Indianapolis. In this episode we talk to Dr. Mitchell Rode, an equine practitioner and practice owner from Maryland. Dr. Rode is the member organizer of this years meeting which is titled  “Transitions in Practice, Practices in Transitions”.

In our discussion he talks about the program and the benefits any equine practitioner will get from attending. Towards the end, I ask Dr. Rode what he would do to change the equine veterinary world if he had the power to do so. I like asking all of our guests this question but Dr. Rode was the first one to come up with this answer. You will have to wait until the end to hear it, but it is well worth it.

You can download the Podcast here

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Hope to see you all in Indy next week.


Veterinary Business Matters
Veterinary Business Matters
Equine Vet Business Podcast #7: AAEP Business Education

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