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How Your Veterinary Practice Can Handle Negative Online Reviews – Vet Business Matters Podcast #13

We all know that the best publicity is a happy client spreading enthusiastic praise about your veterinary business. Obviously, that same word of mouth effect can cause a huge headache when a disgruntled client is telling everyone they know about the bad experience they had at your hospital. Back in the day – less than 5 years ago,  when social media was just coming along – these negative comments had little distribution. They were contained amongst a small group of people. Everything is different now, for good and for bad. Just like raves about your business can be spread near, and now far, complaints can have a wide distribution too. In our day to day lives, many of us are using online review sites like to check out book reviews before we download a book to a Kindle, or to see what hotel  we should be staying at on our next vacation, there are online review sites where veterinarians are now under the microscope.

Dr. Jonathan Mitelman, and Barbara Kelly, the social media manager for his veterinary hospital, have learned a lot about online review sites since their business was the victim of a negative online review. The two of them have undergone quite a journey trying to figure out how to lessen the damage to VetsToronto, their small animal hospital and emergency care provider in Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Mitelman and Barbara join us on the Veterinary Business Matters Podcast #13 to discuss what they have learned about online review sites, like, and how your veterinary business can deal with a negative online review.

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