Coaching – Why it’s Important for your Veterinary Practice

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Coaching has become a very popular business buzz word in the past 5 years.  What is it all about anyway?  Coaching is a different and very effective management tool that helps grow, empower and inspire employees, managers, and owners alike. 

We no longer live in a business world where a paycheck and a good review suffice for employee engagement.  Your staff want more out of their work; more value, more contribution, more impact.  Coaching your staff enables them to reach their goals personally and professionally as it increases their overall life satisfaction. Employees who want to come to work, build a positive environment. This creates loyalty. Your clinic becomes a place where your staff thrives.

How does it work?

You can employ the services of a Certified Professional Coach for external coaching initiatives.  Coaches help those employees that have great potential, but just cannot seem to reach their goals, making them a solid player on your team.  Equally as important as growing your weaker team members is keeping your high performers engaged and loyal.  Investing in your staff with a Coach tells them you value them and their continued growth.

Management Coaching and Mentoring

Providing a coaching environment from management be it owners or clinic managers is vital to the success of your clinic.  A coaching environment is not top down management, it leads by example and invests in the well being of the staff.  A coachlike manager believes that it is their responsibility to grow their employee.

Manager Coaches resolve issues by using tools such as curious open questions that help the employee reflect on their role in situations.  When someone realizes the impact of their actions or behaviors without being told, real personal growth ensues and the poor behavior is corrected.  (the same is true for positive actions, realizing the impact of positive behaviors on the team and continuing the desired behavior.)

Training Practice Managers in their coaching skills is a great step towards creating an environment where your staff wants to be and attracts talent. 

Coaching develops confident engaged employees, and empowers them to contribute at their full potential, creating value for your business.

Sue Armstrong CPCC ACC

For more information on Coaching Services by Sue please check out the Oculus Insights page


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