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Veterinary Business Matters Podcast #19 – Developing a Culture of Customer Service

Earlier this summer I sent one of our receptionists at our companion animal practice to a one day seminar on customer service hosted by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association. It was called “Frontline Bootcamp for Frontline Staff”. Our staff member came back on cloud nine. She was enthused, excited and pumped to institute all of the excellent customer service tools and techniques she had just learned. Wow. I had to check this out. This initiative is spearheaded by Terra Shastri, the OVMA Practice Management Advisor. I had known Terra over the years from sitting on the OVMA Economic Advisory Committee but I had no idea of the positive impact she was having creating the awareness of the need for excellent customer service in veterinary businesses. I have since sent one of our technicians to the same course and she came back with the same rave reviews. I needed to know more so I arranged for Terra to join me in the latest Veterinary Business Podcast. She has great insights on the why and how of customer service for any business. This discussion is not only for companion animal veterinarians since she has atendees from equine and large animal practices. If customer service is a puzzle you haven’t figurered out yet you want to listen to this podcast. Follow this link to the podcast  Veterinary Business Matters on iTunes 

You can reach Terra by email at and on Twitter @TerraShastri. The OVMA is on Twitter too @onvetmedassoc.



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